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Madness Pandemonium - Need Beta Testers

2010-10-19 02:06:09 by the1manwiththeplan

Madness Pandemonium

Myself and OnionsXD have been working on this little project for a while now. Im still working out the kinks as its my first attempt at a first person shooter with projectiles and camera movement relative to the projectiles etc

Yes I know we missed Madness Day by a million years however if you would like to beta test the game thus far

Check it out on Deviant Art

Madness Pandemonium - Need Beta Testers


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2010-10-19 02:45:28

Although I don't have time to try it out tonight, I'll give it a try tomorrow. Is there anything I should be looking out for specifically?


2010-10-19 04:05:00

I can test it if my opinion is relative enough

the1manwiththeplan responds:

Relative: Properly related in size or degree or other measurable characteristics; usually followed by 'to' Um I think so?


2010-10-19 06:41:58

Wrong use in words, lol.

I was thinking of the word relevant.


2010-10-19 06:56:38

i can do it


2010-10-19 15:19:14

well...the walking is slightly laggy, but only when walking against a wall or box. i'd be nice if there was a little more diversity in enemies, more than just 2, but thats just me, and also i didnt like how once you died, it took you back to the preloader screen. at the very least, it should take you back to the menu, but it would be even better if there was some kind of game over screen, and then it took you back to the menu
thats all i got for now, maybe ill come back and find more stuff later


2010-10-19 16:38:57

im in, i love the madness and all the insanity it breeds


2011-04-21 00:43:14

I think it's good for the most part. Maybe the shooting speed should be upped a bit?
Also I realized when your standing right next to an enemy and your shooting the bullets dont' hit them. ):

Other than that. This is pretty awesome. :D