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Madness Pandemonium

Myself and OnionsXD have been working on this little project for a while now. Im still working out the kinks as its my first attempt at a first person shooter with projectiles and camera movement relative to the projectiles etc

Yes I know we missed Madness Day by a million years however if you would like to beta test the game thus far

Check it out on Deviant Art

Madness Pandemonium - Need Beta Testers

.::Purgatory::. will you pass the test

My new platformer will have more of an artistic approach
rather than focusing on the gameplay the game will more revolve around the aesthetic side, and the theme of getting into heaven (hence the name purgatory)

Up to test the first level for bugs and give feedback Comment Request Below

I will post you the link...


I was up till 2:30 last night making this thing and Ive got school today *sigh

Rank your high scores against the world and an intergalactic nemesis
All the models were made myself in swift 3D but are mainly viewed from the top down perspective.

Bunnymajs you make amazing 8 bit techno keep it up I love your stuff

See if you can beat my highscore =3


Shock Assault 3D , NEW GAME, OUT NOW

Lets hope this one makes it out of the oven

My first FPS features a range of different missions including defending trains tactical sniper and on rails 3D shoot em up action.

All the guns are 3D and made myself from scratch

Upon completing missions you will receive cash to spend on Gun and health upgrades

Upon completion of the game match your high scores against others online

Any aspiring musicians wanting to contribute send me a PM show me your stuff and if its good enough I will include it in the games soundtrack

Tunes must be small due to file-size regulations 2-3 megabytes only yet still add to the atmosphere of the game (epic firefights)

The musicians who have contacted me already in regards to my games I will be in touch

PROJECT STORM : 3D FPS Nearing completion (musicians wanted)

Xarnia RPG coming along nicely =P

2010-01-29 05:52:47 by the1manwiththeplan

I work on the engine a little bit every day and it seems to be taking forever to finish but I like the way its turning out so far Ive included...

-Level up system

-Choose your own attributes as you level strength, endurance, dexterity, mage, intelligence and wisdom these stats all affect the strength of your characters different abilities

-Choose a warrior or mage class this also decides which character you are in the game

-Basic storyline elements

-The ability to buy new weapons and sell them these also affect the strength of your character

Still to add...


-Drag and drop inventory system

If interested in helping with the in game soundtrack drop me a PM I have the software but as you can probably tell from my submissions to the audio portal I'm not very good at it.

In the meantime enjoy this epic song by the bloody beetroot's XD

/* */

Xarnia RPG coming along nicely =P


2010-01-28 23:11:37 by the1manwiththeplan
Updated ic/May%202008/The%20Bloody%20Beetroots %20%20-%20Dimmakmmunication.mp3

Plains of Xarnia RPG Screen Shot

2009-12-05 17:59:51 by the1manwiththeplan

Just a screen shot of one of my game characters she doesn't have a name yet XD

Check out my audio submissions I make beats on my mac I'm officially a musician now

[Enough with the grammar already will someone please explain?]

Plains of Xarnia RPG Screen Shot

Yusss XD got some characters for meh RPG

+ Uploaded some beats for teh background music check dem out

Thea boring sounds but I was trying to make dem sound 8 bit so that was the intention I guess lol

Stupid garage band X(

Characters + orchestreal ambient background loops XD


2009-11-27 22:28:45 by the1manwiththeplan

Should be releasing a demo any day now

I'm gonna start uploading the game music that Ive been workin on to the audio portal

Watch this space XD


Plains of Xarnia

2009-06-10 05:52:30 by the1manwiththeplan

I had a go at drawing my own characters which look pretty half ass.

but Im proud of them Not being an artist myself :3

should have free roaming aspects to it. and a leveling system

Look out for the new RPG in the next couple of months.

Plains of Xarnia